UI & UX Design

A good interface asks as little as possible from its user, and provides value in return. I think details are vastly important, and I believe empathy lies at the heart of any worthwhile design.

Apigee HQ Visitor Check-In

Apigee (now a part of Google) sought to streamline the process of welcoming outside visitors to their offices in San Jose. As a part of standards compliance, all non-employees would be checked in and out via an app running on a wall-embedded iPad at reception.

Apigee is a technology company, and this user experience would form a crucial first impression with prospective clientele. So my task was to make a typically tedious process (entering personal data) as painless as possible.

The solution was not to burden visitors with a form to fill out, but instead ask them a handful of questions like a person would. Answers find their home in the boxes surrounding the company logo, progressing in a counter-clockwise circle instead of a typical top-down, left-to-right slog.

UX Sketchbook Product Site

This product site showcased a set of sketchbooks for mobile UX design. I gave the site a minimal, open feel to evoke the clean-slate feeling of new possibilities offered by a fresh sketchbook. Each sketchbook's color scheme is reinforced on its individual product page.

Editurr - a Photo Collaboration App

The client’s goal with Editurr was to build a social platform around collaborative image edits and reinterpretations. A user posted an image, and others could respond with their own creative work that utilized the original in some way.

This design is older than it looks (note the screen aspect ratio). Flat design wasn't yet en vogue, and techniques like blurred photo backgrounds and color sampling weren't in widespread use at the time.

CIO Upload Podcast Player

During my time at Apigee, a team produced a podcast called CIO Upload. The podcast was all about the world of the Chief Information Officer. My team was tasked with producing a player app that would coincide with the podcast's launch. As an avid podcast listener myself, I sought to provide a user experience that gave easy access to episode information and accompanying resources, and audio controls that were always one tap away.

Freestyle USA Website

This website redesign was part of a proposed brand overhaul that bet big on positioning Freestyle as a lifestyle brand for action sport enthusiasts.

Direct-to-consumer e-commerce wasn't the company's main focus at the time, so the online store took a secondary role, with products presented alongside more prominent lifestyle and athletic content.