UI & UX Design

A good interface asks as little as possible from the user, and provides value in return. To me the details are vastly important, and I believe empathy lies at the heart of any worthwhile design.

Apigee HQ Visitor Check-In

Apigee (now a part of Google) sought to streamline the process of welcoming outside visitors to their offices in San Jose. As a part of standards compliance, all non-employees would be checked in and out via an app running on a wall-embedded iPad at reception.

Apigee is a technology company, and this user experience would form a crucial first impression with prospective clientele. I was asked to design a unique and welcoming experience that went beyond the conventional intake form. Something non-linear.

Study in Task Management

I've never gotten along with any kind of task management app. Most of them still use lists. The list is a wonderful invention, but it can distract and overwhelm. My phone knows the day, date & time, and it knows where I'm standing. When I have a free half hour, it has everything it needs to hand me a qualified task, ripe for the finishing. This study explores what that experience might look like.

This is an older concept I came up with years ago, before Apple devices came with notches and the everpresent "home indicator" at the bottom of the screen. Looking at it today, there are a number of choices I'd reconsider. I do find it rather humorous that this project itself has been repeatedly postponed and put aside for so long. :)

UX Sketchbook Product Site

This product site showcased a set of sketchbooks for mobile UX design. I gave the site a minimal, open feel to evoke the clean-slate feeling of new possibilities offered by a fresh sketchbook. Each sketchbook's color scheme is reinforced on its individual product page.

Freestyle USA Website

This website redesign was part of a proposed brand overhaul that bet big on positioning Freestyle as a lifestyle brand for action sport enthusiasts.

Direct-to-consumer e-commerce wasn't the company's main focus at the time, so the online store took a secondary role, with products presented alongside more prominent lifestyle and athletic content to strengthen the brand.