Graphic & Print Design

Good graphic design communicates clearly. Whether conveying information, evoking a feeling, or selling a product, it’s always about storytelling.

One Medical Employee Benefits Guide

Putting complex (and often dry) data into a pleasant, easily digestible format can be a challenge. I've designed employee benefit guides like this one for a fair amount of clients, but I particularly enjoyed working within One Medical's updated visual style. I've scrubbed all the data in these layouts and replaced body text to protect the client's information.

Upcoming Hindrances Book Series

This series of five books was conceived as a set. Each book focuses on one of Buddhism's "Five Hindrances", the obstacles one encounters in meditation practice. For the covers, I've used photographs of hands that are in some way representative of the subject matter.

1:1 Scale User Experience Design Sketchbooks

With so many rapid prototyping tools available these days, the market for paper sketchbooks seems to have dwindled. Thankfully, Amazon’s print-on-demand model allowed me to test those waters without incurring any production cost up front. I've set the project aside, but you can still have a closer look on the product site.

Western Seaboard Poster Prints

The first of a planned series of poster prints featuring states along America's Pacific coastline.

Freestyle Product Catalogs

I designed five product catalogs for Freestyle. Handling art direction and design entirely on my own was a massive challenge, but the end result was always satisfying.