Every form of design involves the sensory communication of ideas, feelings, and/or information. The primary challenge of brand design is to be concise.

Ejector Digital

Ejector Digital is a game development collective based in the San Francisco Bay Area. This logo is one of my favorite personal examples of minimalist design communicating effectively.

Black Dragon Wine

The goal with this brand design was to achieve the look and feel of darkness without sacrificing strength. A subdued color palette and sharp edges in the logo work together to create a sinister vibe.

Adrenaline Fitness

Adrenaline Fitness makes activity trackers and watches for active adults. The spec called for an emphasis on movement, agility and intelligence.

Freestyle Brand Refresh

I joined Freestyle as their Art Director in 2007. The head of marketing presented me with a problem. The company's iconic shark fin logo didn't stand out well enough in action shots of their athletes (particularly on surfboards in water). Looking at the old logo, the reasons were clear.

I designed a simplified version of the shark fin logo that retained its core elements and did away with ornamental clutter. The result was a stronger brand, and board stickers that stood out clear as day.